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Male Revue pick your city to book a male revue in your area. We have the largest database of  male review shows. No credit card required online!! (844) 400-0169

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Male Revue Male Review Shows

Looking for the best Male Revue in your area? U.S.A. Party Strippers has the largest network of hot male review shows in the area. We have been in business over 20 years & have booked countless exotic dancers for bachelor party strippers,  bachelorette party strippers, office party strippers, game day party strippers, divorce party strippers, holiday party strippers I think your getting the point anyplace that your looking for a hot male revue then U.S.A. Party Strippers can take your party to that next level of fun that everybody is really wanting. 

Our male strippers have appeared in Reality TV Shows, Music Videos, Mainstream Movies & other well known Adult Publications & websites. Just imagine having 1, 2, 3 or 4 hot male strippers you have seen in a movie or on TV that is a right in front of you stripping down for your viewing pleasure only U.S.A. Party Strippers can bring exotic dancers from the pages or stages to you. Need  bachelorette party strippers?

Male Revue Bachelorette Party Strippers

Our bachelorette party strippers are of 18 years of age they are clean, classy, drug free they enjoy their job & are happy to be the center of attention that is why they choose to be entertainers & why you should choose U.S.A. party strippers to book your next event with.

Our male & female male strippers are professional, on time, in shape with great bodies & they all enjoy their work. They understand that they must obey & respect all local laws for which they reside. All entertainers have reliable transportation along with GPS devices for travel.


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Male Review Shows Male Strippers

U.S.A. party strippers has the the largest roster of hot male strippers in your area how? When you have been around over 20 years & have built solid rapport with both dancers & customers you gain credibility within the industry like we have. Ask yourself this why would you want to go out to some gentlemen’s club just to have some girls come up to you all night wanting you to buy them drinks & have them keep asking you for tip money just for a quick moment. Who wants to pay for 1 song when you can have hot male strippers come to your home, hotel, party bus office, etc etc & stay as long as you want.

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Stop worrying about getting all the party arrangements in order let U.S.A. Party Strippers handle that for you so you can get back to enjoying things. Once you book with us all we need is the general information such as city, state, zip code, time, address along with dancer choice (s) plus outfits request then you are set. You can then simply call if you do not want to make your deposit online one of our friendly sales staff member would be happy to assist you in the last step then you can have a full peace of mind that booking your hot male strippers is done & you can be the hero of the party that lined up the entertainment.

Now Hiring Male Revue

Want some top shelf entertainment from the finest male strippers that the city has to offer?

Here is another question want 1st class service from the original company that started the Unlimited Party Package?

What one of the best benefits about booking New York strippers here is that we only charge for the initial hour if you want the girls to stay over the 1st hour booked then you continue to tip them. Only U.S.A. party strippers offers that kind of service with top shelf  male strippers to come along with it.

If all that mentioned above wasn’t a good enough reason here is 1 more. Only U.S.A. Party Strippers has sexy female exotic dancers that have been seen in Playboy also seen on Playboy TV. These sexy ladies have been seen on Reality TV some have even had major commercial & movie roles other have been seen Maxim Magazine also in Hustler & other adult related publications.

Another reason why you should book Male Strippers here.

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V.I.P. Party Package Unlimited Time

Okay so exlpain to me what the Unlimited Party Package is exactly?

Sure when you get the V.I.P. Party Package your exotic dancers are on an unlimited time frame Depending on your tipping after the 1st 45-60 minute show. What that means is you only pay for the 1st hour if you choose to keep the dancer (s) the 2nd hour is no charge but you are to keep tipping the dancer (s)If you stop tipping the exotic dancers they are not required to stay.

What one of the best benefits about booking NYC strippers with us is that we only charge for the initial hour if you want the girls to stay over the 1st hour booked then you continue to tip them. Only U.S.A. party strippers offers that kind of service with top shelf NY strippers to come along with it.

Male Strippers Now Hiring Male Strippers

No Bachelorette party would be complete without some sexy male New York strippers showing you there full attention. Maybe your not getting married but you want to celebrate your Bday in style with booking hot male NYC strippers. Okay okay so maybe your the big boss man of the office or you own a business & have women or a hard working woman that you would like to surprise then booking hot male NY strippers would be the best choice you made not only would she be surprised but you would hands down be the  boss ever!! Our hot male New York strippers are available for divorce parties, hen nights, limos & party buses Male Revue Shows shirtless waiters & more no party is complete until you book some hot male NY strippers here! 

Male Review Show Male Strippers

Only U.S.A. Party Strippers offers top notch male strippers that have been seen on popular Reality TV Shows, Fitness Magazines, & even a few guys have appeared in Major Movie Roles. The guys have also worked with Chippendales & have appeared in PlayGirl magazine.

We here at U.S.A. Party Strippers are the only company nationwide that offer high quality 1 of  kind service featuring the absolute best male strippers that are here only a phone call away waiting for you to book them that is right when you 2 or more male strippers you instantly save so why wait?? Call now to book the best male strippers in the USA & save by booking multiple exotic dancers because no matter what 1 is a party but 2 is a true event 3 is the ultimate party & 4 or more party strippers is some straight movie star sh!t.

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V.I.P. Party Package Unlimited Time

Okay so we feel the need to explain what the V.I.P. Party Package is one more time so with no further ado!

Okay so exlpain to me what the unlimited party package is exactly?

Sure when you get the V.I.P. Party Package your exotic dancers are on an unlimited time frame Depending on your tipping after the 1st 45-60 minute show. What that means is you only pay for the 1st hour if you choose to keep the dancer (s) the 2nd hour is no charge but you are to keep tipping the dancer (s)If you stop tipping the exotic dancers they are not required to stay.

What one of the best benefits about booking Florida strippers with us is that we only charge for the initial hour if you want the girls to stay over the 1st hour booked then you continue to tip them. Only U.S.A. party strippers offers that kind of service with top shelf Florida strippers to come along with it.

Male Party Strippers

A Simple 2 Step Process for Bookings!

All that is needed for booking your hot male strippers is your City, State, Zip Code, Date, Time, Number of Dancers, Outfit Choices, & 2 Phone Numbers.

You can pay online if you choose or call for the required deposit.

Book a 2 Guy Show & See The Magic!

(844) 400-0169

Note: There may be a travel fee if outside the Metro Area & Availability.

Male Revue Shows All American Magic Male Revue

We have booked our entertainers for Male Revue Shows across the nation & globe. So maybe your wanting to host a Magic Mike style ladies night then U.S.A. Party Strippers can get you setup with our All American Magic Male Revue Show featuring the best Men from across the nation that can fill up any size venue none to big or small.

We have both a Touring Male Revue & we also feature a Local Male Revue so it depends on what kind of venue/club/bar you are looking to book a show for. Either which way we can accommodate exactly what you are looking for price wise. The difference between the touring show & our local show is the touring male revue features guys from all over across the country that tour from state to state & city to city. The local male revue features the best talent from your local area. With that being said both shows are great we use your areas local talent to cover parties, revues, TV & other appearances or bookings that we have. We also book some of your local area male dancers for our touring show.

Okay so what is the main difference between the local male revue & touring male revue?? Sure it basically comes down to the price our touring cost more to get to the venue vs a local male revue as stated above both are great money making shows it all basically comes down to your budget either way we can accommodate your show needs.

For more information on the Male Revue shows offered Click picture above

Strippers Now Hiring Strippers

Let us bring the gentleman’s club to you! U.S.A. party strippers delivers the hottest girls in your area there is no need to hassle with driving around town when you can stay safely in your home & have your friends come over to party with 1, 2, 3 or 4 of our models. Now that makes perfect sense to me why wait!! Call today to book your hot strippers!! We here at U.S.A. Party Strippers can get you the hottest strippers in your area thru our vast network of talent. Many of our exotic dancers have been seen in adult magazines or adult porn websites some have even been on reality TV or in movies. Either way we absolutely have the hottest strippers that area has to offer. All of the girls are in shape with great bodies & attitudes to match who are ready to rock the house so book today & oh yeah don’t forget that tip money!!

For more information on booking some female party strippers Click picture above

Male Strippers Now Hiring Male Strippers

Male stripping has become mainstream more than ever over the last 10 years. There have been countless celebrities endorsing & promoting Male Revue shows & some have even become male strippers on the side or completely took on a new profession. All guys hired here are complete gentlemen who truly enjoy what they do. We here at U.S.A. party strippers completely understand the  importance of a bachelortette party it is finally going to be her big day & this is of course going to be her big party & nobody wants a lame bachelorette party right?? of course not & no bachelorette party would be complete without the entertainment of some hot male New York strippers. So be the hostess with the mostess & book your hot male strippers here you can even save money when you book multiple male dancers & who doesn’t like to save some cash right after all it is more money for drinks at the bar or to tip your hot male strippers with so do not wait any longer call today!!

For more information on booking hot male strippers Click picture above

Real Customer Testimonials

Faqs Q & A

Feel safe knowing you are on a secured website notice the green lock that says secure or the https:// in green that means the site is secured from intruders giving you further peace of mind that any & all information you share or send us cannot be hacked by some outside source that is a Fact!


 Q. Do you accept last minute bookings?

A. Yes but most customers order 1-2 weeks before their party date and will get their choice of dancers. If you order service on the same day you need it (or roughly within 24 hours), we will send you whomever is available first. This is not like ordering a pizza but however you can also relax knowing that all of the exotic dancers we employ are attractive.

Q. Can I have a dancer come to a bar or club we are going to?

A. Good question the answer is Yes only if you have a private room that is away from the rest of the bar or club. Reason being is that a drunk or jealous person or people could start confrontation of sorts & that is nothing that nobody wants to deal with. 

 Q. Can I have my party at a hotel?

A. Yes, just make sure the hotel knows you are having a party. Most hotels welcome your business and may also have a special party room. Otherwise parties can get loud and the hotel has the right to kick everyone out. Just notify the hotel and let them accommodate you.

Just make sure you have have cell phone on and with you all night. Your dancer will call you the day of to get the room number.

Q. What is the Unlimited Time exactly

A. Okay so what that means exactly is that if you decide to keep your exotic dancers after the first 45-60 minute show is up then there is no charge for the 2nd hour BUT you Must Continue to TIP your entertainer (s).

Q. How old does everybody have to be at the party?

A. Everyone at the party must be 18 years or older.

Q.What costumes do the dancers have?

A. The male entertainers all have the following: Policemen, Firemen, Construction Workers, Business Men ( 50 Shades), Pizza Delivery Guys, and many more.

The female entertainers all have the following: Lingerie Models, Playboy Bunnies, School Girls, Dominatrix, Police Women, Cowgirl, and many other sexy outfits!

Some entertainers may not have all of the costumes listed above & some may have more. Very few have unusual outfits like a clown suit or gorilla costume or any other random outfit in their wardrobe. However, if you have the costume beforehand, the entertainers would be happy to wear it.

Q. We have some guests that are shy what about them?

A. Sure just make your entertainer aware when they arrive.

Q. Will the strippers be on time?

A. We ask for an hour window meaning if you want your dancer (s) to arrive at 8:00 then make your time window from 7:30 to 8:30 with a preferred time of 8:00. By giving this window then getting your dancers to arrive on time makes it easier to be done.
This gives them enough time to get to & from parties some may also being getting tipped to stay over you will be able to take advantage of that also.
Please contact us if you have not heard from your stripper and they are more than 30 minutes late.

Q. Do the strippers call before they arrive?

A. Yes they will call you at some point that day also they call upon arrival that is also when the remainder of the show balance is to be collected.

Q. Do I need music for the stripper?

A. No, your dancer brings a radio and music. If you request a special song, please bring the music to the party and then ask the entertainer to incorporate it into their show.

 Q. Can I take pictures during the show?

A. There are no pictures or video cameras allowed while the dancer is nude. However, it is up to each individual entertainer to make that decision. You must ask the entertainer before they begin. However, some entertainers may charge extra for photographs.

Q. Can I change the Party Address?

A. Please avoid switching your party address on the night it takes place. With that being said any last minute changes need to be confirmed. This means if you DO NOT HEAR BACK from us, assume that NO changes were made. You also might be responsible for a cancellation fee if the dancer is unable to make it to the new address.

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