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Stop Trafficking

Stop Human Trafficking

U.S.A. Party Strippers is Fully Committed to stopping Human Trafficking.

We do NOT promote or endorse human trafficking in anyway! 

Each entertainer posted on this site is of 18 years of age & they have submitted their Current Photo I.D. along with there pictures requesting to be on the site which is all kept on file.

We do NOT promote prostitution in anyway shape or form any & all shows booked are for entertainment & party purposes.

Help Us Raise Awareness


 Anti-Trafficking Policy Statement

This Site is 100% committed to raising awareness of human trafficking. We choose to acknowledge this problem & are willing to help anybody that may be a victim to human trafficking. 

Our pledge is to maintain advocacy efforts and implement internal anti-trafficking initiatives to battle the global human trafficking problem. In the event that we become aware of any incident of trafficking, we will cooperate with state and federal law enforcement officials assigned to combating this vile abuse of human rights.

Please report any suspicion of activity possibly related to human trafficking to the appropriate authorities and/or any of the following anti-trafficking enforcement resources below.